Annotated Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography
The work being undertaken is research on market satisfaction where surveys are used to determine the reach of a product in the market. Market research is conducted to enhance provision of services and decide on the best way to handle a problem. The following resources have been used to conduct the capellapillar process of identifying similar themes when doing literature review or researcher.
Riala, M., & Nummelin, T. (2015). Developing and testing an online tool for probing customer preferences. International Journal Of Market Research, 57(1), 29-50. doi:10.2501/IJMR-2015-004
This article written by Riala and Nummelin addresses the issues of developing an online survey tool that can be used to determine customer preferences. In many researches, stakeholders want to gain a comprehensive data reflecting important variables that should give significant results. The main theme addressed here is development of the online survey tools for market research. Customers need to have good experience on the products they consume and thus, the modern tools for conducting surveys have been developed including online surveys.
The keywords include: consumer preferences, survey tool, and comprehensive data.
The authors acknowledge their counterparts in their field for contributing to the work though their criticism that led to more objective research work.
Moon, C. (2015). The (un)changing role of the researcher. International Journal Of Market Research, 57(1), 15-16. doi:10.2501/IJMR-2015-002
Moon offers the opinion that researchers should not change their roles when performing their work. Literature review or research should be conducted through usage of abundant consumer-driven data and tools that can mine aggregate and make sense of the collected information. The author opines that modern online data collection tools have high precepts of eliminating researcher bias even in large sets of data. These online tools are technologically-driven providing set of generalizations that are formed by judgments and interpretations of the researcher. The researcher has a role in drawing meaningful insights from comprehensive data drawn from the consumers. The author observes that the available tools are not able to look at all aspects from all angels and may not give in-depth understanding of the content.
Keywords: Consumer-driven, data interpretations, researcher bias,
There is no any criticism for the article as it gives opinions on why the researchers should remain focused on their work. Bias should be minimized through having qualified researchers and non-judgmental mentality when handling data.
Keusch, F. (2013). The role of topic interest and topic salience in online panel web surveys. International Journal Of Market Research, 55(1), 59-80. doi:10.2501/IJMR-2013-007
Keusch gives details on the administration and analysis of the web surveys that are send out to online respondents. The researchers are required to decide whether to or not mention the topic of the survey in a process of reducing bias. There are likelihoods that mentioning topic may elucidate bias and, therefore, researche

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