Crime data explorer is an informative tool established to enable reporting of crime. It has the capability of providing reliable information that the public can use to enforce the law. It, therefore, becomes an essential tool for the local law enforcers who may be able to use the available information to reduce the crime rates within the community (Strom et al., 2017). Members of the public can access information in the crime data explorer and submit information to the site. Any person can use this information to enforce law and order in the community.
Due to its high level of anonymity, an individual would feel confident to send criminal-related information to the site. Reporting any criminal incidences prompts investigation by the local law enforcers. It ensures that the local law enforcers can act accordingly to eradicate potential crime before it happens. The individual would have taken the initiative in protecting the community by sending information to the website hence taking part in community-based policing (Grieve, 2004). Taking the initiative to report crime aids the local law enforcers acquire intelligence of the possibilities of the presence of crime-related activities or even identifying possible hideouts of criminals within the area.
The year 2019 saw a total of 286,427 reported cases of violent crimes in the city of Illinois. These cases were reported by over 5,000 law enforcement agencies and covered more than a quarter of the population in Illinois. The offenders between the ages of 20-29 were 118,798, almost half the total number of cases reported, those between 10-19 were 81,691, and those between 30-39 were 54,528. Male offenders were 295,005, while female offenders were 55,528. Violent crimes perpetrated by Black or African Americans were 177,643, while those committed by whites were 158,345. The Not Hispanic offenders were 611, offenders with unknown ethnicity were 83, while Hispanic offenders were 64. The culprit’s weapons of choice ranged from personal weapons at 89,283, handguns at 47,250, to any other deemed convenient by the culprit. The offenses that had a connection to other offenses included destruction/vandalism of property at 11,166, weapon law violation at 7,667, simple assault at 7,502, Burglary at 5,118, and kidnapping at 4,314(Crime, n.d.).
The year 2019 had 432,187 reported cases of violent crime in the same city of Illinois. They were reported by over 8,000 law enforcement agencies and represented almost half the population of Illinois at 44%, an increase of 17% from the year 2009. Offenders between the ages 20-29 were 146,387, while those aged 30-39 were 102,746. The male offenders were 397,798, while female offenders were 87,629. The data could not establish the gender of 25,304 individuals. Violent crimes committed by Black or African Americans were 228,454, while whites’ crimes stood at 224,720. The Not Hispanic offenders were 204,753, while those whose ethnicity could not be established were 83,670. Most of these violent crimes occurred either on the highways or the alley, street, or the sidewalk. Of the reported cases, they were 263,971. One hundred thousand twenty cases took place at the parking garage. The majority of the victims were unknown to the offender, and they stood out at 175,923, while 133,989 were an acquaintance to the offender. Violent by personal weapons were 128,098 cases, by handgun were 74,193, by cutting instrument were 54,348. The offense that had a connection included the destruction of property at 23,199, violation of weapon laws at 15,436, simple assault at 11,813, among others(Crime, n.d.).
The data from crime data explorer shows an increase in violent crimes in the city of Illinois between the years 2009-2019. The perpetrators of the crimes had a dramatic change with the offenders between ages 30-39increasing by almost double the figure they were in the year 2009. The offenders between ages 20-29 slightly increased from 118,798 in 2009 to 146,387 in 2019. A majority of offenders are seen to be male offenders who are more than half across the ten years. There is a slight increase in both genders regarding violent crimes committed by both genders in this city. Weapons of choice top what weapons the offenders used to perform the crime, there was also an increase

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