International Business Analysis
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The chosen company for the international business investment analysis is Interserve, which is a UK construction company headquartered at Reading, United Kingdom. The company has been operating in many countries where it provides quality civil engineering services. Interserve was founded in 1884 as with the primary purpose of sailing various goods to a from the seashore in London (Interserve, 2019). The company formed under the London and Tilbury Lighterage Company Limited, remained relevant in the business industry for a long time until it was rebranded as Interserve Plc (Interserve, 2019). The new company rebranded its services to cater to construction services and general facility management. However, the company was faced with various financial problems that led to profit warnings (Interserve, 2019)
Consequently, there was a need to restructure and refinance the company as a means of annulling the effects of financial problems. In 2018, the financial situation of the company became even worse, a condition that called for a further refinancing of the company (Interserve, 2019). Several debt holders began to discuss on how they could restructure and refinance the company once more, but the discussion ended in vain following a rejection of the plan at an annual general meeting, which led to the selling of the Interserve plc that became Interserve Group Ltd (Interserve, 2019).

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