Background You have recently been appointed as a project manager in a large engineering organisation. Some examples of such an organisation include, but are not limited to:  Consultant  Government organisation  Construction company  Installation company  Asset management provider  Maintenance services provider  Other. The organisation may be operating in one or more engineering disciplines, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, mechatronic, biomedical, or other discipline, or in construction or surveying. Your organisation has asked you to review the management of a medium sized project (up to $5 million in value), which is to be completed within two (2) years of its commencement. The project has at least 20 main activities and at least two (2) critical paths. The project commenced eight (8) months ago. The first six (6) weeks were spent developing the project charter and preparing the original project management plan. Project execution (carrying out the work) commenced immediately the project management plan was completed and approved. There will be a one (1) month project closing period at the end of the project. During this time, equipment will be tested and commissioned (if relevant to your project), and the project will be finalised. The project deadline is firm, subject to any justifiable contingencies. The existing business case and project charter are not detailed. Similarly, the project management plan, including a basic Gantt chart and high level budget is not well detailed or described. There are a number of issues with the project: 1. To date, the project is two (2) months behind schedule. Part of this delay has resulted from poor understanding of lead times for delivery of particular project components. There are no other significant factors that should impact on project delivery. 2. Because there is only a quite basic project plan and time schedule, there is poor sequencing of critical activities. They do not have clear scheduled completion dates. 3. There have been delays in procuring some critical project resources. There may be alternative suppliers. 3 4. While there were a number of specialised personnel for particular aspects of the project available at the start of the project, they were not booked ahead of when they were required. Most of these resources are now booked for several months ahead. Few alternatives are available. 5. As a result of the influence of a number of stakeholders, there has been significant scope creep, which with the current rate of progress will delay delivery by one (1) month. This scope creep also threatens to impact on the project’s business case. 6. Some components of the project have not been delivered or built to the required quality specification. Consequently, there have been delays while defects have been rectified. 7. Communication between project manager, project sponsor, stakeholders, contractors, consultants and other key personnel has not been good. There are therefore a number of cases where key information has not been communicated well. This poor communication has impacted on project progress. You have been charged with delivering a revised project management plan to deliver the project on time; and with providing a report to the Project Sponsor explaining the actions you have taken………………………….

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