1. Define your organisation and project. (20 marks) Nominate an organisation of your choice, and the engineering discipline or disciplines in which it is operating. Nominate a suitable project (for example, road development, subdivisional development, power station, mobile phone network, mining, provision of industrial equipment, installation, maintenance, surveying) to use as an example. 2. Prepare a revised project charter, including an updated business plan. (30 marks) 3. Prepare an updated project management plan for completing the project within its original timeline. (170 marks) The project management plan should include the following:  Definition, preparation and definition of subsidiary plans  Identification and description of stakeholder needs  Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)  Plans for the project management Knowledge Areas of:  project integration management  project scope management  project time management  project cost management  project quality management  project human resource management 4  project communications management  project procurement management  Definition and sequencing of the main project activities  Main activity resources and durations  Project schedule, costs and budget Notes:  The project charter should include a revised business case for the project and link the project with your organisation’s strategic plan. On the basis of this business case, the project sponsor will make a decision about the future of the project.  You may assume that the project sponsor has allowed the project timeline to be increased by one (1) month to allow for the scope creep already approved. However, further scope creep is not permitted.  The project scope management plan should include a section on controlling scope creep  The project time management plan should include a Gantt chart showing the major project activities.  The project cost management plan should include all costs reasonably expected to be incurred in delivering the project. These costs may include estimates for ensuring completion of the project. 4. Prepare a plan for executing, monitoring and controlling the project (15 marks). 5. Prepare a plan for any testing and commissioning, and for closing the project,………………….

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